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Kirstie Kelly

Do we really give ourselves the time to reflect and consider how we can muster the energy, motivation and drive to change our lives. Sometimes it’s just fine tuning that’s needed. But it’s these subtle improvements which seem to be the most difficult to instigate.

Developing a strategy for living with confidence and happiness being the norm, is an attainable goal for everyone. But that’s easier said than done – without the support, guidance and relaxation that you deserve.

So treat yourself to a healthy and happy life right now. Take control of the apparently small but debilitating challenges which seem a step too far to resolve on your own. And most importantly, create a programme which is designed specifically for you.

Using a range of techniques including Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistics and Counselling, Kirstie Kelly will provide you with a supportive, guiding and practical approach to solving your life challenges.

From her background in the corporate world supporting business professionals through Mentoring and Coaching and personal experience supporting individuals facing life changing challenges, Kirstie will tailor each programme to the individual.

Balance, consideration and sometimes honest reflection can often be the difference between a stressful situation which overtakes our lives, and our ability to function healthily and happily.

But we don’t need to wait for a potentially dramatic situation before seeking support. Whether you have a phobia which you’d love to solve, a personal challenge you’d like to achieve, a sporting achievement you would like to master or to create the personal power to create your next set of life plans – then take the first step by contacting us today to schedule your first appointment.

We can guarantee that this period of reflection and an opportunity to better understand your personal challenges, and take a proactive step forward – will have an immediate and long lasting benefit.

All you need is the will to change, and an open mind. It’s as simple as that…

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Each session, in the Therapy Hub studios in either Bedfordshire or Hertfordshire, will be planned to suit your life – with evenings and weekends often the ideal time to press pause, and focus on yourself for just one hour.

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